Due to COVID-19 - our classes and seminars have been canceled until futher notice. We appreciate your understanding. All of the instructors and students continue to pray for the health, well-being and quick resolution to this pandemic. 


Private lessons are available for individuals, families and friends.

Please email R.Ray@fcsafehouse.com for more information on setting up private lessons.


We have instructors and affiliate schools in many locations. For more information click on the link below.



The following are the seminars that are currently being offered:


  • Defense Aware Party - a non traditional, relaxed environment to introduce potential students to the key concepts of the system, the why(\(\(s) and the how(s) of personal safety and self-defense.


  • Basic weapons disarm courses - each seminar will focus on the core techniques and concepts of this system. The seminar focuses on understanding the mindset of attacker and defender, basic disarm techniques, basic weapon usage in combative scenarios.


  • Advanced weapons disarm courses- Focusing on the uncommon weapon type and uncommon disarm scenarios, i.e. handcuffed, hostage scenarios, multiple attackers, etc. Each seminar will focus on different\t techniques, understanding and preparing for the adrenal heightened and dump/fatigue state.  *must have completed Phases 1 through 10 of Basic disarms*

  • Unarmed protection


  • Police Tactics/Non-lethal applications


  • Combat Chin-na


  • Home safety


  • College prep


  • Travel/Airline safety and disarm and more! 


  • We can and will create a program that best suits your needs.

Fighting Chance Combatives Instructors will travel nationally and internationally.


For more information please contact R.Ray@fcsafehouse.com