What is Combative Science?


Combative Science is a term used by several different martial arts and combative systems. Grand Master Jeff Moldovan defined it as a blending of Physics, Kinetics, Biomechanics and Psychology of both the victim and assailalnt. It also has roots in Environmental Awareness, Mechanical Disruption and Effective Striking/Defense, as well as an understanding of Adrenal States and Responses.


Is this better than any other Weapons Disarm or Martial Art?


Each system of Weapons Disarm, Self Defense, Self Protection or Martial Art has their own unique responses to similar situations. Each approach things differently and teach in a different way. There are systems that are more militaristic, some that are more fitness oriented, others that are more rooted in the traditional arts. 

Where we differ from others is our overall approach to the combative questions and our focus on giving you the mental tools to respond. 

The question should be What is the best system for you? 


Fighting Chance Combatives teaches simple and effective techniques that can be utilized after one class. Yes there is a benefit from years of training in our system. There are many levels of instructorship and more advanced techniques that do take time, practice and experience to be effective at. However we teach the simple, effective techniques first so you can protect yourself and your loved ones as soon as possible.

Do I have to learn a bunch of forms or katas?


While there is a lot that can be learned from forms in a traditional martial art, we do not teach any in our system. Our focus is on providing you with realistic, effective and simplistic training. We focus on teaching our Combat Science to you and having your perform in simulated Adrenal states. We focus first on core mechanics of our disarm techniques to support your personal foundation.






Is this system designed to replace my martial art?


Fighting Chance Combatives is designed to compliment any Martial Art. We are not looking to replace what you know, but to add to it. This system is based on mental concepts as well as physical ones. We work with all our students with any level of combative or martial training to apply their own techniques with in the framework of our system. 


I have my concealed permit and I carry a gun regularly. Why do I need this?


Many of our instructors have their concealed permits, are retired military or police, NRA certified firearms instructors and all of us are avid gun users.


A gun is a great long distance tool that can ensure one's safety, as well as the safety of others at a distance. However many studies have shown the distance needed to effectively assess a threat, draw and fire is between 15 - 21 feet. Most handgun encounters will be within 7 -10 feet, with most violent encounters being within 3 feet and sudden.


Much like Martial Arts training, this system is an additional tool to help ensure your survival. We have many seminars on concealed carry disarms, focused on deploying your weapon while protecting yourself from theirs. 


Many people carry and do so with the thought that you can never be too safe. We do not disagree. That is a main reason we recommend close enounter training, like the training we offer. 


F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


Over the years we have had many of the same questions asked. We compiled a list with the questions as well as our answers to help you better understand who we are and what we offer.


If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.