Fighting Chance Combatives Martial Arts 2018 Gathering

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The 2018 Gathering features:

Hosted by Urban Ninja Athletics

Grandmaster David Hogan -

7th degree Black Belt and Kyusho Certified Master Instructor Grandmaster Hogan has spent his lifetime training in Shotokan, Small Circle Jujitsu and Kyusho Jitsu. Following in the footsteps of his father, Grandmaster Jack Hogan, David has continued to work on spreading Kyusho Jitsu and simplifying it for better understanding. 

Grandmaster Jerald Carter

Master John Quest

Master Jack Morris 

Chief Instructor Rob Ray

Our 5th annual gathering is open to all martial artists of any style, experience level and age. 

Registration begins at 930 am, event begins at 10 am.

The event is $85 and can be paid via Paypal(use the "Register Now" icon), Credit Card or Cash.

Any questions please contact Rob Ray via email at