"Rest now, teacher, brother and friend

Rest now and know that your pain is at an end.

Rest now, forever in our hearts

Rest now and know that never shall we part."

-Robert Ray 8/22/2013

Rest in Peace, Grand Master.

Forever you shall be missed.

Grand Master Jeffery Moldovan

Rest in Peace 1953-2013 

Grand Master Jeffery Moldovan is a life-long martial artist, having begun his career at the age of 14 in Poekoelan Tjimande Chuan Fa , at that time a little known branch of Silat Kung Fu.


In his early years as a Sifu, a young woman Jeff grew up with was murdered by a serial killer. This horrific event caused Jeff to re-tool his training and skills to create a self-defense system that anyone could use effectively to protect themselves… without years of training or enhanced physical skills.


Fighting Chance Combat Systems is the result of years of effort, research and hands-on training. FCCS is a hybrid blend of Silat, Ninjitsu and Jeet Kune Do theory. His work as a celebrity bodyguard, bouncer and security specialist gave Chief Instructor Moldovan many opportunities to refine his already considerable disarming skills.


Jeff spent years developing the system’s techniques and is quick to point out that it is still constantly evolving and adapting to the methods being used by today’s cold-blooded, and well-armed, predators.


Years ago, while working out with his then teenaged son, Thomas Lee, Jeff was asked what he would do if someone put a gun to his head execution-style while on his knees. Intrigued by the question, he and his son began the long journey of analysis and experimentation.


Over several months, the seed planted years ago in tragedy began to bloom into something more: A viable and effective combat science, beautiful in simplicity, lethal in execution. In his 20-year career as an actor, stunt player/coordinator and 2nd unit director, Jeff has met and worked with some of the greatest figures in both martial arts and film. Ninja Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi, Jeet Kune Do legend Dan Inosanto, Kung fu action star and champion Cynthia Rothrock (now an authorized instructor of FCCS), James Lew, legendary kick boxer and Sensei Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and many others. Stunt coordinator Artie Malesci, longtime friend and supporter of Fighting Chance, features many of the disarming techniques of the system on USA Network’s new hit show Burn Notice.


Chief Instructor Moldovan has used all the tricks he has learned in the film business to enhance the training experience for those coming to the Fighting Chance Safe House to learn from him and his stable of talented and devoted instructors. In the winter of 2003, Jeff met Susan Saddler, a stuntwoman at Universal Orlando. It was her passion and fiery determination for what Jeff had developed, that provoked him to organize his thoughts, skills and principles into a cohesive, teachable system.


The criteria was: The techniques have to work for a 100-pound female and be simple to learn and lethal on application. Chief Instructor Rob Ray joined the Fighting Chance team in 2004, when he was enlisted to help as a stuntman while shooting a demo for Iraqi Intelligence, that still can be seen on Google Video. Rob’s years of Kung fu training and teaching blended beautifully with the organic flow of action that is the heart of the Fighting Chance system.


Together, Grand Master Moldovan, his son Thomas, Chief Instructor Robert Ray,  Instructors Susan Saddler, Justice Maynard and Robyn Graham developed the system into a revolutionary approach to self-defense.



On August 22nd, 2013 while taking part in a training seminar in Venezuela, Grand Master Jeffery Moldovan suffered a sudden and fatal heart attack. He left behind a martial family, an undying spirit and legacy that is Fighting Chance Combat. His passion for a dynamic and effective self-defense system, shall be carried on by the men and women of the Fighting Chance family. He will always be a part of what we do, of who we are and will never be forgotten.