Grand Master Instructor Jeffery Moldovan is a life-long martial artist, having begun his career at the age of 14 in Poekoelan Tjimande Chuan Fa. In his early years as a Sifu, a young woman Jeff grew up with was murdered by a serial killer. This horrific event caused Jeff to re-tool his training and skills to create a self-defense system that anyone could use effectively to protect themselves… without years of training or enhanced physical skills. (More info)

Chief Instructor Robert Ray was first introduced to martial arts at the young age of 8. It wasn't until being introduced to kung fu in 1996, at the age of 17, that he would begin to pursue the combative arts full time. It was 2004 when he would meet and train under the man who would revolutionize both his undestanding and skills as a martial artist, in Grand Master Instructor Jeff Moldovan. (More info)

Tuhon Felix Cortes is the founder of Filipino Combatives Global and the International Ambassador of TLM's Fighting Chance Combatives.

For more info please visit his website: or click the link above.

Fighting Chance Combatives is a member system of the HKI organization. Chief Instructor Robert Ray is a student under Grandmaster Jack Hogan in the art of Kyusho Jitsu. For more information visit: or click the link above.

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An affiliated system to Fighting Chance Combatives, Sanduguan Kali holds true to the concepts and ideology of Fighting Chance. We are proud to be associated with this system. For more information visit them at or click the link above. 

A place dedicated to the memory of those within or associated with our organization. May they forever rest in peace.