On behalf of the Orange County Correction’s Training and Staff Development Section in Orlando Florida, I would like to thank Jeff Moldovan and the TLM Fighting Chance Combatives Training Team for their outstanding instruction on Deadly Force Encounters.

Prior to the training received by Jeff Moldovan, our Correction’s Department had developed specialty units that were highly trained in areas of high risk security operations, but had little training on how to deal with personal deadly force encounters.

As the Specialty Unit Training Coordinator, I was concerned that many of the specialty unit officers where vulnerable to personal attack, I pondered with several thoughts that led me to ask the following questions:


  • What would happen if one of our officers was approached while sitting in his/her vehicle and a subject suddenly pointed a weapon to their head and asked them to step out of the car?


  • What would happen if a subject approached one of our officers and suddenly removed his/her weapon from their holster?


  • What if suddenly an armed subject bursted into a hospital room in which one of our specialty unit officers is guarding a hospitalized inmate?


Although our training section had some weapons retention techniques and where trained on some basic weapons defense, nothing in our arson of techniques prepared us for extreme deadly force encounters. Jeff Moldovan’s TLM Fighting Chance Combatives System provided the techniques that addressed the deadly force encounters I was concerned about.

His weapons disarms techniques were unique and effective, that allowed our specialty unit officers to integrate them into their defensive tactics, further giving them a high level of confidence that they could handle any personal deadly force encounter, while on or off duty.

His system of six adaptable techniques called the savage six, is a must for all public safety officers and will enhance any officer’s deadly force toolbox of techniques.


                                          - Pedro Perez, Specialty Unit Training Coordinator Orange County Corrections

As a martial artist and self-defense instructor myself, I found this system to be lucid and duplicative enough for practitioners of all ages. I’ve personally trained with Chief Moldovan on several occasions having experienced and witnessed the pragmatic and effective techniques in his system duplicated by women, children, teens, and even the elderly as they subdue assailants with hand-to-hand combat for violent scenarios. This system would be an asset to any protection organization. 

                                                                                   - Acie Mitchell Founder/Chief Training Officer

                                                                                                            TNT Defense Systems, LLC

A Modern system for a modern life. Not a class has gone by where my mind has not been blown in some way.

                                                                                                                                                     - Brian Manowitz

It is simple, practical defense techniques that anyone can do – young or old, fit or not, strong or weak. I’ve done years of various types of martial arts in my years, but this one is the one I’ve been looking for. Within the first hour of my first (free) visit, I had learned to disarm a handgun and shotgun aimed high or low, anywhere around my body. 


                                                                                                                                                      - Howard Del Fava